This is an interview with occupational therapist Marina Preisig from Switzerland. She uses the saccadic training regularly and was kind enough to answer some questions about the visual training. Thank you very much for the permission to publish the interview!

Interview questions:

  • What are the most common causes/reasons why someone has hemianopsia/visual negelect?
    • I think it is Cerbrovascular Insult or a brain tumour which affects the optic nerve. These are the two diagnoses I experience as most common, at least in my work. 
  • What does the therapy for hemianopsia usually look like?
    • In occupational therapy, the focus is on activity, which is why the therapy for hemianopsia is often practised directly in the real everyday life of the affected client. However, the saccadic training offers clients a safe exercise tool which they can learn about under supervision and then apply and practise themselves. 

  • How can you motivate patients for visual field training?
    • The motivation for training represents the daily activity goal. Often clients want to feel more confident in their mobility, even on foot.
  • What has been your experience with reimbursement of therapy costs in connection with this software?
    • I have been using the programme for a long time, but unfortunately most Swiss health insurance companies and supplementary insurance companies still reject the software. However, you can try it with a prescription from your doctor.
  • What would you recommend to other people with hemianopsia?
    • Constant practice of saccade movement is worthwhile. Clients have often noticed an improvement in their daily lives and can provide reassurance in unfamiliar surroundings.