This is a testimonial from Mr M. from Western Switzerland. He has been kind enough to share his personal and heartfelt story here


With the early diagnosis of my stroke, the saccadic training played a pivotal role in the positive development of my vision.

With this testimonial, I would like to share the circumstances of my stroke, the progress, but also the moments of uncertainty that have led me to a full recovery today.


A month before my 61st birthday and with no risk factors other than a hectic work schedule, my computer screen suddenly became unreadable in the middle of a remote session.

A few minutes later, a mild headache appeared in the upper right corner. My wife diagnosed a stroke when I realised I could no longer see her right eye.

Less than an hour after the onset of the stroke, I was taken to the emergency room of a hospital in Switzerland and after examinations, I received lysis to restore blood circulation to my brain. 


Four days later I left hospital with no after-effects other than a hole in my vision in the upper left quadrant. If a text was small enough to fit on a narrow horizontal line, I could read it; the larger the text, the more it protruded into the vision-free area, the more difficulty I had reading it. If I looked from my window at the centre of the roof of my village church, I could make its steeple disappear from my field of vision!

Eye training

I told the head of neurology at the hospital about my readings on the positive effects of saccadic visual training. He suggested that I evaluate the saccadic trainer in addition to the programmes I had already identified.

I decided to use the Saccadic Training because of the variety of exercises and their quality. I bought a licence at my own expense with a sense of urgency: according to family members who work in medicine, 90% of progress after a stroke is made in the first 3 months


Every day of the week I did my exercises and measured my progress with the programme statistics. After a month, the ophthalmologist found that my entire retina was reconnected to my brain. I could see the little white dots on his device everywhere, but I still couldn't interpret the area in the upper left quadrant. After two months I could see the whole face of the people I was talking to when I wasn't too tired. During the Christmas holidays I stopped my eye training for a few days. My vision dropped and I needed three days of training to recover. In January I started working again at 40% while continuing my eye training. The fatigue from the screen work quickly disappeared and the statistics from the saccadic trining showed the positive effect of my work on my vision.


When the last three months arrived, I still had occasional gaps in my vision, but I increased my work rate to 60%. I expected only minimal improvements. While I accepted my disability, which I thought was permanent, I continued to hold on to my vision so as not to fall behind, while my eye results stagnated. Suddenly, my speed of finding numbers in the programme increased by 15% in one fell swoop. Without the saccadic training, I would not have realised that I still had room for improvement!

After 4 months I started working at 80%, then 100% and driving again. My vision continued to improve: whereas at first I had to strain to see, now I had to concentrate to make objects disappear from my field of vision for a fraction of a second.

Back in everyday life

The final improvements came after 7 months: My entire field of vision is now perfect with details and richness of colour that I could not see before my stroke.

Today, I work on maintaining a work-life balance.  I make sure I exercise at least 30 minutes a day to prevent a stroke, along with blood thinners and cholesterol medication.

After all, this stroke was my big chance to realise what is important in life and enjoy it while I still can.


➤ Each of us has a unique situation and no one can promise someone who has had a stroke that they will get 100% of their vision back. If this is the case for you, I can only encourage you to take your health into your own hands and seize the opportunity to improve your vision with the Saccadic Training.

Who knows how far you will go?


I would like to thank the developers of the Saccadic Training for the quality and variety of the vision training. Their programme is excellent, it has helped me a lot to regain my vision and to become aware of the richness of what I see today. My only wish is that the Saccadic Traing becomes even better known in Switzerland and internationally.