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Are you looking for a visual training for your institution? Information about the PRO version
  • One-time costs
  • All 18 Exercises
  • 14 days right of return
  • WithEASY-mode
  • All statistics
  • All settings
  • Including comparative data
  • With eyetracking support
  • With reading trainer
  • One-time costs
  • 6 exercises of your choice
  • 14 days right of return
  • WithEASY-mode
  • Detailed statistics
  • Some settings
  • Including comparative data
  • Without eyetracking support
  • Without reading trainer
  • One-time costs
  • 2 exercises of your choice
  • 14 days right of return
  • WithoutEASY-mode
  • Rough statistics
  • None settings
  • Without comparative data
  • Without eyetracking support
  • Without reading trainer

What customers say about the saccadic training:

  • «...significant increase in reading ability»

    «The saccadic training was used to improve the visual field. In this training, the person is stimulated by intensive visual stimulation to perform search movements in neglected areas of the visual field. A recent interim evaluation showed that the response to presented stimuli was significantly faster. In everyday life, this is shown, for example, by better locomotion in a wheelchair, a significant increase in reading ability, a generally more intensive perception of stimuli, and improved integration of the right side of the body, which is relevant, for example, for gait training.» Therapist of Mrs S.
  • «...very diversified»

    «I bought the Saccadic-Training because you can exercise comfortably from home. The games are very diversified. You can see from the statistics whether you have improved. It looks very easy in the beginning, but it is definitely not. I've improved and I'm very happy about that.» Mrs. M.
  • «Easier walking and using the computer»

    «I notice a significant improvement, especially during walking and using the computer.

    This difference is confirmed by the integrated statistics function in the program. I can see my progress every day and am encouraged to continue training and improve even further.

    The exercises are fun and the individual settings are useful and intuitive.»
    Mr. Kolly
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