Looking for hemianopsia therapy after a stroke? Saccadic trainings helps!

  • Convince yourself and test the saccadic training for 14 days free of charge and without obligation! Studies and practical experience show that people with a visual field loss can improve their safety, independence and orientation in everyday life thanks to regular visual training.
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  • Advantages of saccadic training

    • Without installation, for example with our Visual field test
    • Independently of location on any pc with internetLocation-independent training on any computer with Internet access
    • Free and personal initial consultation conversation.
      Call us: +41 79 652 61 07

  • Easier walking and using the computer

    «I notice a significant improvement, especially during walking and using the computer.

    This difference is confirmed by the integrated statistics function in the program. I can see my progress every day and am encouraged to continue training and improve even further.

    The exercises are fun and the individual settings are useful and intuitive.»
  • Partnerships

    Kepler Uniklinikum
    HFR Kantonsspital Freiburg
    Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum (MVZ) der Universitätsmedizin Mainz GmbH

  • About the saccadic training

    Beat Gurtner, CEO of GURTNER IT SOLUTIONS and developer of the saccadic trainingThe saccadic training was developed to offer patients with hemianopsia (e. g. after a stroke, cerebral haemorrhage or craniocerebral trauma) a varied and everyday eye training. Since the healing of a visual field loss due to brain injury is usually no longer possible after a certain period of time, only compensation through eye movements is possible. The saccade training helps to reduce problems in everyday life, which often arise due to a visual field failure.


    The Swiss startup GURTNER IT SOLUTIONS developed this compensatory visual training. Beat Gurtner (Computer scientist and occupational therapist) founded this company in 2016 and has since followed the philosophy of producing easy-to-use, modern and patient-oriented software. With the combined expertise in computer science and occupational therapy, a needs-oriented software for people with hemianopsia was developed. Through regular exchanges with doctors, therapists and patients, the saccadic training is constantly optimized and continuously developed.
    Mr. Fasel, first customer of the saccadic training

    The origin of the saccadic training

    In 2013, Mr. Fasel suffered a stroke and has been struggling with a visual field loss ever since. The retired teacher was passionate about cycling and did banking on his computer (a little less passionate). In these and other activities, he was severely limited and insecure due to partial lateral blindness.
    In occupational therapy, Mr. Fasel learned how to compensate his uncertainties and limitations in everyday life by means of targeted eye movements. In order to make the training even more efficient, the occupational therapist suggested additional exercises on the computer. Unfortunately, the existing programmes did not meet Mr Fasel's expectations:
    • Varied exercises
    • Detailed statistics for follow-up control
    • Reasonable price
    Based on this concept, a new software should be created that meets these requirements. Within a short period of time, the first science-based exercises have been developed, which were tested and improved directly with the patient. Over the course of time, more than 10 practical tasks were created, which until today have made everyday life easier for many people with hemianopia through regular training. The graph below shows how Mr. Fasel's response time has developed. At the beginning, the average reaction time was about five seconds. After three months, there was a two-second improvement. What sounds little, but had far-reaching effects on the patient's independence. Among other things, his joy of life increased considerably, as he can ride his bicycle safely again.
    Reaction time of Mr. Fasel

  • For hospitals and other institutions

    Do you work in a hospital, rehabilitation clinic, practice or other medical institution and treat patients with hemianopsia? Then you might be interested in the PRO-Version of the saccadic training: From 298.- USD per year you can use all exercises in your institution with an unlimited number of patients. In addition, we adapt the software free of charge to your corporate design and you will receive your own subdomain:

    Professional version of innovative visual training after hemianopsia
    One institution which uses the PRO version is the organization of the Eastern Swiss Association for the Blind (obvita). Have a look at the start page of their individual PRO version here: obvita visual training

    Do you have any questions? Call us (+41 79 652 61 07) or click here: Learn more about the PRO version

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